Notes on Content & Links

Links on Reviews

I manually search and add the links myself for the benefit of the reader, and sometimes I forget to add them. I do not have any potential to monetarily benefit from the links. I do not link to Amazon — they don’t need my help.  🙂

If the there is no link, and the store name has a line through it (ex: Powells), it means I couldn’t find the book on their website at the time I made the post. If you click on the link anyway, it will take you to their default website.

Sometimes, if possible, I try to link to the author’s blog or website. Again, I am not affiliated with the authors and I gain no monetary compensation for doing this. I’m reviewing because I love to read and I love to share the joy.

If any of my links are dead or outdated, please notify me and I will update them.

Original Content

I may occasionally post original content, such as poetry, college essays, and short stories. It will be tagged under the “original” category. All my original content is licensed under creative commons.

Industry News

I’m always interested in what’s going on in literary news. If it’s related to books, I’ll probably have an opinion. Please feel free to send me a heads up if there’s a story you think I’d be intrigued by.

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