Fantasy & Science Fiction

I enjoy fantasy that falls under urban, steampunk, or medieval-style epic fantasy, and sci-fi that explores dystopian or apocalyptic futures, space exploration, and parallel/ alternate universes. I tend to prefer Young Adult (YA) sci-fi/ fantasy to the adult version of the genre, simply because I consider reading fiction to be a temporary escape from all the realities life offers. The adult versions of even sci-fi and fantasy too often end on a note that’s too realistic in tone — unhappy, dark, full of unresolved issues and moral ambiguities. That can be fun, but overall I honestly prefer the tendency that YA has for a dark and twisting plot that ultimately wraps up in an upbeat ending looking toward a brighter future.

Short Story Collections

A few years ago, I started getting into short story collections, too. I like these for a few reasons:

  • They’re short (clearly), which means I can read a story start-to-finish in less than an hour, then re-focus on my family/ work/ education.
  • If it’s a compilation of authors within a specific genre, I often get introduced to new authors.
  • If it’s a compilation of a specific author’s work, I am often introduced to works and characters I might not otherwise have met.
  • Finally, they’re usually themed in some way, which means you often get a lot of different perspectives on the same idea — I love that.

Romance & Erotica

Sometimes I read romance and erotica, for pretty much the same reason I read YA — you’re almost guaranteed a happy ending. I don’t often read romance, though, because I’ve found it much too frustrating and difficult to consistently find authors who focus on plot and character development in addition to the hot sex scenes. When I do find such an author, I often find (as I begin reading everything of theirs I can get my hands on) that they are very prolific, and as a result tend to get kind of repetitive in plot structure and characterization over the course of 50+ books.

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