Johnny Tremain

Johnny TremainJohnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

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I haven’t read this in ages and ages, but I’ve been telling so many people about it lately that I figured I should just go ahead and put up a review.

Johnny Tremain is, quite simply, among my absolute favorite books. It’s one of the beautiful childhood literary experiences that introduced me to my enduring love of historical fiction — and not incidentally, to my love of history. Because of Johnny Tremain,  the events of the Revolutionary War became real to me on a personal level. This is the book that first breathed life into history for me, and made it something real and amazing that was pertinent to my daily world. This is the book which first helped me realize that while actual time travel isn’t possible, I can still witness and experience history through the pages of a book.

Johnny Tremain also introduced me to concepts and language that were new and strange to a 10 year old girl in 1990, such as “apprenticeship” and “sweetmeats.” As a child being raised in a strictly religious household that eschewed cursing, I was also inspired and intrigued by Johnny’s colorful solution to his own household’s ban on swearing.

I read it so often as a kid that my copy of it — which was the edition pictured above, a paperback version with an actual paper-style cover — fell apart due to the frequent readings. I taped it together, but by the time I was 17, all the tape in the world couldn’t save it’s life. I did buy a new copy, which I read often enough even as an adult that the spine was starting to show abuse and the pages were worn soft by the time my dog chewed it up.

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